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Neil Connolly


Having been involved in some of the largest interactive & immersive shows of the last decade, Neil Connolly has specialised in audience interaction, improvisation and agency through the likes of DifferencEngine's HEIST, Boomtown Faire and The Crystal Maze Live Experience. The latter being where he served as Artistic Director for 4 years.

Recently Neil has been teaching interactive & immersive theatre at the National Theatre (UK) and directed a show in the form for their Emerging Practitioner programme, introducing a whole new generation of theatre makers to the genre.

Neil has been at the heart of the immersive movement since 2010 when he joined Theatre Delicatessen and The Lab Collective as associate artist. Having freelanced for several companies for many years he now branched out to create solo work.

When not developing his solo work, currently Neil serves as Creative Producer for Little Lion Entertainment, having wrote and directed their new major UK attraction, Judge Dredd UPRISING The Live Experience (opening Summer 2021).

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